Avoca - Benham (closed)

41° 49' 14" S , 147° 44' 0" E
Emergency use only
Permanently closed
Rway 1 Surface
Unsealed - Grass
Area QNH
May be acceptable for emergencies.
General location map


This website is intended as a guide only. Landing area status and runway lengths may be incorrect. Check all information before departure with private owners and operators and against ERSA/NOTAMS, and overfly landing areas as required. CAAP 92-1 requires that except in an emergency, the consent of the owner/occupier is required before a landing area may be used.


Creative Commons

Base mapping data including topography and vegetation (excluding landing areas) are sourced from theLIST under the Creative Commons License (©State of Tasmania). Mapping (excluding landing areas), is also provided through the Leaflet Open Source library for interactive maps (see Leaflet). Note that the base mapping in the LIST and Leaflet and other mapping services include the outlines of many landing areas. For a variety of reasons, there may be disagreement between this base mapping and the digitised version provided in the landingareas website. 

Vegetation mapping is used to provide a general indication of vegetation heights that might be encountered near landing areas. Refer to the Map Legend for the symbology used in maps on this website.

Google Earth views: Google, CNES/Airbus Data LDEO-Columbia, NSF, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO Landsat/Copernicus TerraMetrics.

Note: Google Earth views require the Google Earth extension for your web browser, which is available most reliably with GoogleChrome.